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The most important thing we can do with a faith film is PRAY, and nobody knows more about what is happening in the community than someone who lives there. Our hope is we can create a network of AMBASSADORS who desire to join us in making the most of the movies coming that not only encourage the Church, but also reach those in the community at your local movie theater. Here are some of the things an AMBASSADOR does:


For the past 8 years, we have been working on different Faith Films helping to spread the word and engage believers around these great opportunities to share the Gospel, activate the Church, and to see lives changed in the theater and also in the Church through discipleship and a deeper dive into the movie topics. Our company is ENGAGE MEDIA PARTNERS and we love Jesus first, and we love movies second. We want to see people leave a movie with a place to go, a next step, and that is what this team is about. On the ground, local people who have the same passion we do. Maybe we can do more together, let's try! Are you with us?



#1 job is to pray! We will provide a prayer list that will get updated throughout the pre-theatrical campaign. As things come up during this season we will simply make you aware and ask you to pray. We also want to pray over your theater location as you go to other movies, that God would use the theater as a place of worship, that movies honoring Him would make an impact on people.


We would love to know what is going on in your town. Please share pictures, stories, etc with us along the way so we can keep the movie team updated. We all love to hear what is happening out there and you are the eyes and ears. Even after the movie opens and you start hearing about what people experienced. Tell us, we would love to know.


Help spread the word about the movie through your social media channels, at your own Church and throughout the community. We will provide tools for you and are also open to your ideas on how we can share the movie in your community.


With our main goal being prayer we would love for you to recruit friends to help. Gather a team to pray for the film, come up with ideas on how you can serve the movie theater, and have your team attend different showtimes on opening weekend so you can encourage more people.


This movie has a message designed to make a spirtitual impact on people. Whether its to meet Jesus for the first time, work through some relationship issues one might have, or to wrestle with hurts and struggles going on - people need encouragement. In your own circle of influence, let them know that this movie will encourage them as they see people on a screen reflecting the reality of our lives. Encourage them to go see it and then be prepared to encourage them on the journey after.


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